Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Update - 5 weeks out

How's everyones Easter weekend gone? Have you trained? Rested? Spent time with friends and family? Ate until your stuffed? Well I've done all of them and had an amazing weekend.

I headed down to Wales to surprise Bleddyn Escott for his birthday along with a few other friends, we went out for a bite to eat, had a top laugh then hit the gym early Easter Sunday for a Chest and Tris workout. I personally was feeling pretty flat and towards the end of last week but just being around like minded people with the same passion has really lit the fire inside me again for my show. So a huge thanks to everyone for that and a big thanks to Charlotte for arranging the weekend and putting us all up for the night.

Happy birthday Bled

5 weeks out after hitting a PB on incline dumbbell press, very happy considering I'm dieting down and not far out from my show.

And finally I just wanted to share my new YouTube Channel: AestheticLifestyle. I managed to film my chest and tris workout from the weekend and I'll be posting it soon along with updates about my show, training, nutrition and vlogs. In the mean time here's my intro for the channel and for all my up and coming videos. Please comment below, on the video, on Facebook or Twitter to let me know what types of videos you'd like to see on the channel.


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