Sunday, 28 April 2013

1 week to go!

Today I'm currently 1 week away from stepping on stage for the first time, in the first Mens Physique class of the UK. Since the UKBFF Nationals last week I've been looking through all the pics and videos, analysing poses etc. It really has motivated me throughout this final week especially seen as it was my last week of heavy weights and low reps.

One part of the prep that I've had to keep on top of, is being super organised and last week was the biggest test, planning my workouts, food shop, tan, wax, clothes, travel arrangements etc. I feel like I've covered everything and spent most of yesterday finalising everything so that Friday and Saturday next week I can just chill and rest up. 

I won't post any progress pics this week however yesterday I received one of my shots from Justin Tayler form our shoot 2 weeks ago, let me know what you think.

The photo wasn't the only thing I received last night, I also got my final week prep and had a Skype call with my good friend Dan Wheeler who has been amazing throughout my whole prep for the show. Not only has Dan worked on my own foods, his clients plans and moved house but what he personally has achieved from 2nd January until now is a great transformation and very motivational. I won't post any pics up but if your coming to the BodyPower Expo in 3 weeks time, keep an eye out for us and the rest of the 100 Day Plan gang on the stand.

Anyway I'm now off down to Fitness Factory in Burnley for another shoot I have lined up with Simon Reeves, this one is more of a workout/gym shoot as oppose to a studio like I've done before so really looking forward to seeing the final images.

On to the home straight!!


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