Monday, 17 June 2013

Officially a Sponsored Athlete

With BodyPower 2013 a distant memory and being such an amazing weekend it got me thinking about the previous 12 months as it was at BodyPower 2012 where I had my first fitness shoot with Justin Taylor. Following from this I started to receive more and more emails and messages from people asking questions regarding my training, nutrition and general advice regarding the gym which prompted me to set up my blog on 10th June as a place people can come to ask me questions, find out more about me, my training and hopefully answer more than their original question. Since setting up the blog I’ve loved writing all kinds of articles covering different aspects of fitness and trying out new recipes too.

For anyone that knows me or follows me on twitter that’s ever asked my advice/opinions on supplements you know that I have always used and recommend Bodybuilding Warehouse. They offer great quality products, competitive prices and free delivery on all orders plus weekly offers on their newsletters. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that I’m officially a Bodybuilding Warehouse sponsored athlete and couldn’t be happier, plus the fact that I'm from Manchester it's good to represent a North West company.

I met up with everyone from Bodybuilding Warehouse at the BodyPower expo and also worked on their stand the Sunday of the show and had an amazing time, great banter, great atmosphere compared to other stands and a perfect way to finish the weekend.

Here’s a few pics from the show:

Representing BBW and Warrior Supplements

Talking mens physique with Steve Cook

Gregg Plitt

Men's Health cover model comp

Me and Matt Gus

As a sponsored athlete I’ll be writing articles and recipes solely for Bodybuilding Warehouse and they’ll also be offering a unique discount code for AestheticLifestyle followers. In the mean time check out my interview with BBW and all their latest products and deals- Bodybuilding Warehouse


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