Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas (Fitness) Wish List

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m sure presents are on everyone’s minds at the minute. I've been asked over and over by members of my family, “what do you want?”, “what do you need?” “I’m struggling for ideas”. Realistically, there’s nothing that I particularly NEED, there’s a few things I’d want (a Lamborghini being one of them) but honestly I’m more than happy with everything I've already got.

This then got me thinking, firstly about what I could suggest for people to get me for Christmas and secondly, what do you buy for someone that’s really into their fitness whether their training is to improve their overall health, for a particular sport, for an event/competition etc. As you can imagine with the new year approaching, a lot of people will be signing up for gym memberships to make a change in their life and to take the first steps to better themselves, Christmas is a perfect opportunity to buy useful gifts to really help motivate people and keep them on track from reaching their goals as I’m sure you’ll agree the last thing they’d want its lots of sweets and chocolate (I still have a large jar of sweets from last Christmas!).

Below is a list of suggestions for presents whether you’re looking for ideas for someone or for options to suggest to friends and family to buy for yourself. I've really tried to mix it up from someone who is just starting at the gym to someone who has a few years behind them.

Above is a brief collage of the typical ideas to buy for someone, a starting point is obviously the gym membership itself and following from that all the essential things you’d need in the gym, trainers, clothing and IPod.

As you know from my review of the Core 150 shaker a few months back, I really love this product. This is a perfect example of providing a solution to a problem that so many of us come across day in day out, having used the product for a good few months now I seriously can’t recommend it enough as part of your gym bag.

I didn't want to put supplements on the list as a gift idea, I know they could make a good present as they’d be saving you money but an even greater way of saving money in the long run is a Protein Discount Card. You can read my article reviewing the Protein Discount Card and all its benefits and discounts here.

Now this is something that’s on my list, I personally want to do more cardio outdoors as of 2013 and what better what to track my progress, calories burnt, heart rate etc than a Polar heart rate monitor.

This might sound like an odd one but last year I had a family member struggling for ideas and I suggested some Salter Electric Scales, yes I got a funny look as you can imagine but its something I needed if I was going to step up my nutrition. The scales cost around £8 from a local supermarket and I can honestly say they have been the most practical present I have ever had, I’ve used them every single day since 2nd January this year and still haven’t changed the battery.

I know I mentioned the 6 pack bag in my food prep article a few months back and I can imagine it only being on a few peoples Christmas lists such as competitive sports individuals and people with busy lifestyles that travel a lot. I know quite a few people who already have these bag and know of even more that are getting them for Christmas, so that’s exactly why they've made the list and will be a huge benefit helping anyone stick to the diet.

You can tell its almost Christmas with all the latest autobiographies being released and I can guarantee that someone in your family will open a book of some sort on Christmas day. So why not use these last weeks to your benefit and try hinting for a book that will keep you focused and motivated throughout the new year as oppose to the standard joke book or coffee table book that you’re more likely to receive.

There are so many good books out there but three I’d strongly recommend are The Secret by Rhodes, a worldwide popular book that has helped motivate people to reach their goals and full potential. The Laws of the Ring by Urijah Faber, I got this book for my birthday in July and started reading in on holiday in September. Being a huge MMA and Urijah Faber fan I couldn't wait to start reading the book however it wasn't quite what I expected. I presumed I’d read all about how he made it as a pro fighter, how he got into the UFC or all about his fights. However the book itself is similar to The Secret, very motivating in helping people realise their passion and how to achieve it however everything is then linked to a story from his life progressing to a pro fighter as an example. I highly recommend this book to everyone! And finally one book that I know my Mum has got me for Christmas, Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger, I've heard really good things about this book and look forward to reading Arnold story as of Christmas day.

For anyone that’s dieting down in the New Year and also has a sweet tooth this is a perfect present to help curb those cravings. Walden Farm sauces are carb free, calorie free, fat free, cholesterol free, sugar free, and gluten free. Not only are there sweet sauces and dips such as chocolate, pancake syrup, blueberry etc but they also have savory products for dipping and cooking too.

Having been to Bodypower last year for the first time and also having my first fitness photo shoot there, I loved it and really can’t wait to go for the weekend next year. With there being so much to do and see I’d definitely recommend it as a Christmas present for anyone into fitness, bodybuilding and sports in general.

With gym clothing being one of the most obvious presents why not treat someone or even yourself to an AestheticLifestyle vest. I've had the vest made so they’re a loose fit, not too skimpy like a stringer vest and have the AL logo on the chest and new web address on the back (which will be launched over the Christmas period). Not only are the vests perfect in the gym but also out of the gym for holidays and fitness exhibitions/events.

The vests are available in white, grey marl, navy and plum. Anyone interested in purchasing a vest please email me for more information:

Finally, it’s inevitable that we’re going to get sweets and chocolates for Christmas so why not drop a few hints and get exactly what you want so you can really enjoy the Christmas break, rest and treat yourself before the cutting diets start in the new year, as I know that’s exactly what I’ll be doing!

As always if you have any questions or want to add any Christmas ideas to the list feel free to comment below or hit me up on Twitter @lee_malone and @AsetheticLifest.

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