Sunday, 4 November 2012

Paying too much for your sports supplements?

I’m sure most of the readers are aware of the 20% VAT increased on sports nutrition products imposed by the coalition government as of 1st October 2012. The VAT increase will apply to majority of your supplements in your cupboards at home; whey protein, all in ones, weight gainers and creatine. Before the increase these particular supplements had been excluded from VAT as they we classed as food, due to the main ingredient they use is derived from milk.

Now before the 1st October I stocked up on most of the supplements I use as I’m sure most people did, however the time has come for me to top up on protein and BCAA and my heads scrambled from looking at all the different companies online, searching discount codes and trying to figure out which works out the best taking into consideration price and servings etc.

If this sounds familiar or if your own supplement stack is almost due for topping up then I have the perfect solution for you that has helped me massively! The Protein Discount Card, this discount card has been put together with the simple goal of helping athletes and sports enthusiast afford the biggest brands of supplements with offers that aren’t available anywhere else on the market such as ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offers and annual discounts of up to 40%.

I personally was surprised to see all the offers available on so many of the big brands and their popular products. Not only is there buy one get one free offers on the best products but also reusable discount codes to use on other products that haven't even been hit with vat increase until the end of 2013 when the new discount card will be available. See the table below for full discount details.

To get your own card simply head over to the Protein Discount Card site where you can purchase your card that will be sent out to you within 24 hours. Using the card itself couldn’t be easier, once you recive your card in the post simply head over to one of the 8 top online brands and use your unique code at the check out to take advantage of the offers available.


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