Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Core 150 Shaker

Following on from my previous article, Food Prep for the Week. Which covered the importance of being prepared to not only help stick to your diet but to also save time and space. I am pleased to announce that I have been fortunate to be supported by the Core 150 shaker, huge thanks to them for this and its nice to know my hard work in and out of the gym is paying off and being recognised.

Question: How many times have you heard supplement companies recommending you buy their pre workout supplement, intra supplement and post workout supplement?

Yet they sell a standard shaker with only one compartment to store and mix your supplements in, forcing you to either bring even more tupperware boxes with you containing the rest of your supplements or in my case having to bring 3 separate shakers to work with me, taking up a lot of space in my gym bag and also a lot of time of an evening washing each one.

This is where the Core 150 Shaker comes in perfectly; all internal compartments are removable making it easier to load your supplements and also to clean, each internal compartment holds 50g of powder (pre, intra & post workout) and the shaker itself holds 1 litre of water.

I have been using the shaker for just over a week now and it’s made my prep so much easier, I’m even more organised, I save time with not having to clean separate shakers and I have more space in my gym bag. I have tried other shakers in the past that do have screwed compartments below but I've found my supplements would get stuck between the screw thread, the compartments couldn't hold up to 50g and certainly couldn't hold 1 litre of water inside, leaving my shakes lumpy and too thick.

Overall the Core 150 Shaker is perfect and exactly what the fitness industry has been waiting for. One final point that makes the Core 150 Shaker stand out from the competition, it’s the first sports shaker in the world to fully endorse a charitable cause. Their aim is to provide a meal for 1 million undernourished kids over the next five years and your support in purchasing their shaker will be met with a donation to Mary's Meals supplying 1 meal to a needy child.

For more information and to buy your own Core 150 Shaker please visit their web site:

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