Saturday, 8 September 2012

Aesthetic Lifestyles New logo

As promised, new things are happening with the blog. The biggest is taking it form just a blog to launching a web site ( which I have bought, registered and in the process of putting my graphic design degree to good use and creating the site.

The first and most important thing was creating a corporate identity and after hours of sketching various logo ideas, I'd narrowed it down to a few that I would incorporate into a vector image. After tweaking the colours and layout (and asking peoples opinions) I finally have the official Aesthetic Lifestyle logo to show you all.

I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on the logo, constructive criticism is always good and never taken to heart.

Keep an eye out over the weekend as I'll be posting a new article on how I prep my food for the week, I've had a few emails and tweets from college/university students and people with busy jobs who want to know how I go about all my meals and structuring my day.


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